Prolog was founded in 2001 in order to make a difference in the construction industry. By combining passion and unique competence for the industry with experiences from the production industry a unique business idea was born. Prolog develops and implements, innovative methods and tools for a sustainable construction industry. By being Innovative, Challenging and Inspiring we significantly contribute to the development of the construction industry.

Change Management

For 15 years, Prolog is working successfully with both large and small organisations to streamline construction processes. We understand the construction industry’s terms because we speak the same language. We help companies to achieve their ambitions by setting up strategies and action plans based on current conditions. Together we realize change from vision to practical implementation. A common practice by Prolog is to involve the entire organization from senior management to site personnel, and this is a key to successful change management. In order to help your organisation achieve its set objectives, we deploy Lean-inspired methodologies while we base our work on needs analyses. Our model for a successful process in change management provides us with a concrete platform to base our work on. During the last 15 years Prolog has helped companies achieve long-lasting results; we have supported their decision-making processes, such as the development of new products, strategic goal-setting and inter organisational changes.

We in Prolog are convinced that successful change management lies on the stocktaking of a company’s current skills, to which competence development is closely linked. Additional requirements include efficient support processes, which might not be sheer building but improve the working methods and procedures. Consequently, anticipated results will follow.

Prolog offers:

  • Current status analysis
  • Change management strategies
  • Implementation support
  • Value stream mapping
  • Process management
  • Knowledge management
  • Lean project planning

Competence development

Increasing a company’s available competences is an investment for the future. Through conscious efforts to diversify, increase or sharpen competences, we have created a platform on which future challenges will be addressed. Prolog often creates competence development packages tailored to customers’ actual needs, similar to change management tasks. Moreover, Prolog undertakes company-specific training tasks, such as certain courses in Chalmers, LTH and KTH.

In Prolog, we put our competence development on a pedagogical basis.
Our long experience on Lean and visual mediums is reflected on the way we help you and your company develop. All our consultants are well-trained in managing large groups in a pedagogic and structured way and in emphasising the collective goals in order to be aligned with the company’s mission at all times.

Through a challenging, innovative and inspiring approach, Prolog is a leading firm in Sweden in the areas of partnering, lean, planning and logistics, with more than 2000 satisfied (course) participants per year. The courses are filled with enthusiasm and characterised by feelings of commitment and engagement. Participants always leave happy and inspired.

Prolog offers:

  • Partnering
  • Lean in the construction industry
  • Contemporary management for leadership
  • Construction project management
  • Developing the client role
  • Building logistics
  • Planning in building projects
  • Visual planning
  • 5S

Project management

We offer advanced project management services in the form of operational support across the whole construction process in order to help our customers drive their construction projects.

As a client we want you to be confident upon hiring a project manager from Prolog. We offer competent, experienced and highly-motivated project managers who will ensure that clients’ goals and requirements are met, in terms of time, cost and quality. Our knowledge of the legal processes provides us with the confidence to follow up contractual agreements and even undertake the procurement on behalf of the client. We can help you secure your project, from start to finish.

Our long experience has armed us with the necessary experience to drive large and small projects as effectively. Our aim is to incorporate modern leadership in traditional construction processes to achieve maximum results. Among our strengths lies the fact that we work at all levels in the construction industry; thus we have gained deep insights into and experience on the different processes during a construction project.

Our work is always governed by our value keywords Innovative, Challenging and Inspiring, which shape our project management approach. We challenge our clients to develop their own processes around the project without compromising the goals.

Prolog offers:

  • A reliable partner across processes
  • Legal expertise
  • Experience
  • Modern leadership
  • Goal-oriented project management
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